We're changing the game on keeping your cooler contents ice cold. Say goodbye to all the hassles of ice: buying, melting, and wasted space.

Coolerpak is almost here

Launching Q2 2024

Get ready for summer outdoor fun, with your CoolerPak keeping your cooler contents cold will be hassle-free.

Reuseable, Refillable

Simply fill and freeze flat then you are good to go! No need to find a store to buy ice, be in control of your cool. When done simply melt and pour out the water.

Durable Materials

No leaks here! Our unique coated fabric is highly durable, designed to hold up with your activities. Metal snaps allow you to snap into your cooler for more space and configuration options.

Space Saving

CoolerPak takes up less room, can be snapped to the walls of your cooler, or used as a divider. When not in use CoolerPak is folds away for easy storage.


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